Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! World Down Syndrome Day is very important for the UPside. First, it is a chance to raise awareness about The UPside of Down and tell the world how great our kids are. Second, it is a day when we celebrate our kids. Third, families of kids with Down syndrome deserve a day of recognition and celebration for all our hard work.

It also marks the one year anniversary of the official launch of the UPside of Down. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE UPSIDE! It’s been an amazing year with families connecting from all over the world. We have members from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Brazil, The Philippines, Hungary….who did I miss?  WELCOME!

I have homework for you. Don’t worry; it’s a neat assignment. Here are the TOP FIVE things I’d like for everyone at The UPside to do tomorrow:

1. Raise Awareness.  Educate at least one person about Down syndrome. It could be someone you know, or even more fun – tell a stranger! Some options:

-Go out to eat with your family. Tell your waitress it is World Down Syndrome day and you are celebrating. Ask if you get free ice cream.

-Go to the grocery store. Tell the clerk “Did you know that a lady with Down syndrome swam the English Channel?”

-Tell your child’s teacher “Did you know that because of awesome teachers like you, I.Q. Scores for kids with Down syndrome are rising?”

2. Celebrate your Child with Down Syndrome. Do something very special for your child.

-take a treat to your child’s school class

-go to a movie

-give your child a gift

3. Celebrate your Amazing Family. This is another holiday in my book.

-cook your favorite meal

-invite family over for drinks and appetizers

-go to your favorite restaurant. Again, ask for free ice cream

4. Celebrate YOU and all you have accomplished in raising your child. Treat yourself. You deserve it. My plans? I work clinic in the morning, so I’m wearing my UPside t-shirt and showing my patients photos of Ella. Then I’m headed to Barnes and Noble for an hour alone. After ordering my venti chai tea, I’ll browse fiction books and image what it would be like if I had time to read one.

5. Finally, after the partying is done, I want you to post your assignment results on our FaceBook page. Photos, stories, the events of your day – share it so we can all see how we managed to change the world in just one day.


Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!


2 Responses to “Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day!”

  1. Sue Wilson says:

    Hello , my name is sue and i am a grandmother of a downsyndrom child. I just wanted thank you for all you are doing to make the world more aware of the upside of ds. As you know when you as a parent are told that your child will be born with ds all kinds of things change in your life. As a grandparent they do also, i was there when my daughter was first told and have learned so much, it was so overwhelming at first, but now we know that every new challenge is a learning process. My granddaughter is Madison Haynes and she is almost 5 years old and she is simply put the most amazing child . Watching her has taught me that any challenge can be overcome, and she is so loving and bright. When she walks in the room she makes all seem good. Her I will do attitude to get things done her way. I have several grandchildren and hold each in my heart closely. I know that she will have challenges the rest of her life to take on , but i also know she will percivere because she has that much determination and love. It is so awesome to have this wonderful little person to show me on a daily basis that we can do anything we want if we have determination and the love of family. One of God’s greatest gifts was sending Madison to us. thank you , Madi’s Nana.

  2. Our amazing 12 year old daughter Abbie was born on 21 March 2001, and is Trisomy 21. What a great App you have generated. Thank you!

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