National Down Syndrome Month - Celebrate the UPside of Down™!The UPside of Down
Celebrating National Down Syndrome Month

Get out your cameras or scroll through the thousands of digital images on your computer. It’s time to show the world the UPside of Down syndrome!

Dr. Julia Kinder is creating a DVD* that will UProot the myths surrounding Down syndrome, and she wants to feature pictures of YOUR child. Together, we will UPgrade the status of Down syndrome by banishing the negativity and darkness. This DVD* will be educational, UPlifting, UPbeat, UPfront, UPdated, and even UProarious. (See full Contest Rules here. More info below.)

The UPside of Down Photo Contest

The UPside of Down Photo Contest Specifics

[See the photos that were entered into the Contest here. These represent all the entries that were received into the Contest. Please note that the UPside of Down syndrome Photo Contest has ended.]



Submit a photo with your child displaying the UPside of Down! We have displayed various of the submitted photos on this website and on Dr. Kinder's Facebook page and her Blog. Additionally, we will utilize these photos in an upcoming DVD* that highlights the UPside of Down (to be released prior to World Down Syndrome Day this coming March 2013).

The purpose of this DVD* is to provide positive, inspiring, honest, and practical information about what it is like to have a child with Down syndrome. It is my hope that this will become one of the first sources of information for brand new parents who may be overwhelmed and uncertain how they feel about this diagnosis. The birth of new babies with Down syndrome should be celebrated, just like the birth of any child. This memorable time in a family’s life should not be spoiled by fear of the unknown and sadness, which is so often caused by the varied and unreliable information parents seek out on the internet. Let’s provide new parents with a glimpse into our lives with our amazing children.

Dr. Kinder will also use this DVD* when educating medical students, doctors (no more UPtight Doctors giving the diagnosis haphazardly), future teachers and therapists, and labor and delivery staff. So if you think their education needs an UPgrading, send us pictures of your kid!

In the spirit of the joy our kids bring, Dr. Kinder needs photos from you that reflect the best parts of having a child with Down syndrome. We want photos that are funny, beautiful, inspiring, and real-life. We want to show that kids with Down syndrome are just kids! Images should show your child doing what your child loves to do. For extra points, get creative and showcase my products or other ways to denote "UP" in your picture. See the photo of Ella at the beach (squinting into the sun) for an example (above).

Your child does not have to be alone in the photo. In fact, photos of your child with friends and family illustrate that our kids are accepted and loved. Photos of your child involved in group activities, such as sports, prove that our kids have many talents. Remember our goal; to show new parents what life is like with a child who has Down syndrome. And so yes, Dr. Kinder will accept photos of kids who insist on wearing last year’s Halloween costume to the grocery store.

See full contest description, rules, and learn about the release form here (click here).

Dr. Kinder understands that you are entrusting her with images of your child, and she promises, "to UPhold the same values that I would apply to using images of my own child, Ella." Thank you for sharing your most treasured photos with us and with the world.

We can make a difference in the way Down syndrome is viewed in our society! It is so easy - it does not have to be a daily, UPhill battle. Please join Dr. Kinder in this UPheaval of outdated notions and fears.

* The UPcoming DVD entitled "The UPside of Down™" is scheduled for release on March 21, 2013 in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. Stay UP-to-date by checking Dr. Kinder's Facebook page frequently.

And don't forget to enter the Sweepstakes - click here. Show the world the UPside of Down! Enter for your chance to win some great products for free! (Please note the Sweepstakes has also ended.)