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One of the first questions I receive when parents or grandparents inquire about obtaining a consultation is “How much does it cost?” Understandably, having a child with special needs can bring about additional expenses including therapy and medical treatments. And often those items are not covered by insurance.

I offer a unique service tailored to the needs of each family. Unlike the isolated and impersonal information a family gathers from their pediatrician, obstetrician, therapists, teachers, or books and other organizations, I put all of the pieces of the puzzle together and show families exactly what they need to do to raise a child with Down syndrome who thrives and becomes as independent as possible. I gather in-depth information about the child and family and create plans for maximizing the child’s development, while making life as easy as possible for the family.

Some families have only one specific question when they first contact me, and I may be able to provide solutions in a one-time phone call.On the other end of the spectrum are families who want me to visit their home to show them hands-on techniques for baby. Some families need my help for a month, some for a few years. And there are many variations of services in between.

For these reasons, it’s impossible for me to quote a price without having a better understanding of what a family needs and what is most important to them. Setting black and white fees like one would see for a product is difficult; how does one place a price on the success of a child? However, after nearly eight years of consulting with thousands of families, I have come to fees which are reasonable, appropriate for the high-quality and personal service I offer, and which take into account the budgetary restraints of each family.

If you have questions about your child or grandchild with Down syndrome, if you want to do everything possible to ensure he/she is successful in life, or if you just need someone to talk to, don’t let the worry of an unknown fee stop you from contacting me. Our first conversation if free of charge so that I can better identify what you need. Once I determine how I can help you, we will discuss your options and fees for those options. I have flat-rates with no hidden charges. I do not charge by the hour, so you needn’t worry about each minute we spend together.

I’m here to help because I care about families who are going through what my family went through. Contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you.  You can email me directly: julia@ juliakinder.com

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