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Dr. Julia Kinder with her husband Mitch, daughter Ella, and twin sons Paxton and Dexter. Beach 2012.Dr. Julia A. Pewitt Kinder is a national speaker, best-selling author, physician career consultant, early childhood education products developer, Down syndrome expert, fitness guru, and board-certified family practice physician.

Dr. Kinder’s unique and successful career path was inspired by her daughter, Ella, who was born with Down syndrome shortly after Dr. Kinder began her medical practice. Dr. Kinder realized she would need to create a career that allowed time to devote to her child’s needs, provide security and stability, and also fulfill her own goals.

This Website is a "portal" for visitors to learn more about Dr. Kinder and the several brands, products, and services she offers. Dr. Kinder has many interests and areas of expertise, which she has woven into a rewarding career which allows her to spend time with her family and pursue her dreams.

Dr. Kinder has four areas of expertise: Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians, Health / Wellness & Fitness, Down syndrome, and Early Childhood Education. She provides personal consulting and speaking services in each area and has developed associated products, newsletters, a blog, Facebook page, twitter feed, and a free smartphone App (iPhone and Android) as avenues to share her knowledge and experiences.

Dr. Kinder understands the challenges of balancing a career and family (two of her children have special needs) while finding the time to take care of herself. She passionately believes we can all have fulfilling and rewarding lives every day if we stand upon a foundation of health, clearly define our goals for our family, career, and personal lives, and then strategize to achieve daily success. She is proof that you can "have it all," and strives to teach others her specific techniques to obtain health and happiness.

Her philosophy:

Right Now is the only time we have: The past is gone and the future is uncertain. We must therefore live each Right Now moment to the fullest, making choices that will create the life we want.

Julia's Inspiration

Dr. Julia Kinder with her husband MitchJulia met Mitch:
The couple has been married 10 years and resides in Missouri with their three children and cocker spaniel puppy. They met when Julia was a medical student shadowing her brother in his clinic and Mitch was a pharmaceutical sales representative (he now owns Kinder Homes). They were married in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Meet Paxton and Dexter:
Paxton and DexterThe twins arrived January 7, 2010, during a blizzard. Big sister Ella proudly pushed their bassinet down the hospital hallways, introducing them at the top of her lungs "These are my baby brothers, Mike and Spike!"

Dexter, outgoing and the first to try everything, loves music, dancing, and reading. He plans to own an upscale restaurant and jazz club.

Paxton, reserved and thoughtful, has a smile to melt your heart. When he’s not eating, he enjoys any activity that involves a ball. Look for Paxton as CNN’s newest anchorperson.

Meet Ella:
EllaHer favorite color is hot-pink, and she loves Elvis and the Beach Boys. Hobbies include swimming, reading, painting, dancing, and Saturday night’s cooking lesson with her grandmother. The nine-year-old is the inspiration behind ENK® (literally... ENK was created from Ella’s initials) the duck, the character for ENK® Early Childhood Education Products.

More about Dr. Julia Kinder


Dr. Julia Kinder - Practicing PhysicianDr. Kinder received her medical degree from the Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine, Glendale, Arizona, and completed residency and internship at the Osteopathic Medical Center of Texas in Fort Worth.

Dr. Kinder is Board Certified in Family Practice through the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians. She is currently in private practice with her brother and also serves as a Hospice Physician, caring for patients in their homes. [Please note: Dr. Kinder's medical licenses are listed under her maiden name Julia A Pewitt.]

National Speaker

Dr. Julia Kinder - Accomplished National SpeakerKnown for inspiring presentations that engage and motivate the audience, Dr. Kinder delivers messages that change lives. Speaking across the country since 2005, Dr. Kinder shares practical and easy tips on how to get fit, advice for professionals working with children with special needs, and career coaching for physicians.

Her sincerity to help people achieve health and success, combined with her extensive experience, ensure participants receive invaluable information with lasting results. To learn more about Dr. Kinder's speaking services, please visit this webpage for Dr. Julia Kinder: Speaking Services.

Fitness Guru

Dr. Julia Kinder's Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Program and Exercise ProductsAs a certified fitness instructor, Dr. Kinder listened when her clients and patients said they wanted to lose weight and have more energy, but were too tired to exercise at the end of the day. As a mom with a career, she also understood how difficult it is to find time to exercise. And so she created a unique fitness system with lasting results for toning muscles and burning calories while performing daily tasks. For more information, please visit this webpage for the Exercise Right Now™ Fitness Program and Exercise Products.

Physician Career Consultant

Dr. Kinder provides a friend/doctor to confide in and to ask questions of. Dr. Kinder is there to listen and provide practical information to empower you to take action on behalf of your child with Down syndrome.As early as medical residency, Dr. Kinder began considering ways she could create a unique and rewarding career that allowed her to pursue multiple interests, enjoy her family, and have time left over for hobbies. She initially enjoyed her medical practice but found it all-consuming and highly stressful. When work began to negatively impact other areas of her life, she decided to reduce her practice to part-time and start her own business, adding several companies to a corporate structure which she registered in 2011 as DexPax LLC.

With a keen understanding of physician career dissatisfaction, knowledge of the steps required to transition to a non-clinical career, and multiple areas of business expertise, Dr. Kinder now advises other physicians on how they can find non-medical jobs or alternative careers for doctors. For more information, please visit this webpage for Dr. Julia Kinder: Physician Career Coaching and Consulting.

Down Syndrome Expert

Dr. Julia Kinder - Advocate for Down syndrome and children with Special NeedsWith nearly 10 years’ experience speaking, writing, advocating, and consulting on Down syndrome, Dr. Kinder has established herself as an authority on how to maximize the developmental potential of children with Trisomy 21. Dr. Kinder firmly believes children with Down syndrome have unlimited potential and should be given extra opportunities to learn starting at birth.

Working with teachers, therapists, childcare providers, and parents, Dr. Kinder provides insight into early childhood development skills and how parents and professionals can partner to ensure each child has success. Dr. Kinder educates medical students, nurses, and physicians on how to communicate with the family of a child who has special needs and how to provide support and resources.

Through her blog, Facebook page and support group, and personal consultations, Dr. Kinder reaches out to help families when questions and concerns arise about their children with Down syndrome. Dr. Kinder creates individualized plans for each family to ensure success of the child while saving parents time, money, and frustration.

For more information about Dr. Julia Kinder's involvement with Down syndrome, please visit this webpage for Down syndrome Consulting.



Dr. Julia Kinder - Advocate for Down syndrome and children with Special NeedsDr. Julia Kinder began her writing career in 2005, as a natural extension of the speaking services she provides. Eager to share her extensive knowledge on the areas of Exercise and Fitness, Down syndrome, Early Childhood Education, and Physician Career Options, her writing includes books, blogs, journal articles, newsletters, and media publications.

In September 2013, Dr. Kinder contributed to a book with Brian Tracy and it became a Best-Seller on multiple Amazon lists. For more information please visit this webpage for Dr. Julia Kinder: Best-Selling Author.


Thrival Guides, Early Childhood Education, and Teaching Baby Products

Right Now™ Series of Word Family Books: All 5 Books. Teach your child words in a fun and entertaining way! Make the most of every opportunity to teach your baby.The Down syndrome Thrival Guides, Teach Baby, and ENK® educational products were all developed personally by Dr. Kinder. After her daughter Ella was born, Dr. Kinder set out on a mission to discover how to teach, and keep on track developmentally, a child with Down syndrome. She consulted physical, occupational, speech, developmental, music, and oral-motor therapists as well as doctors and teachers. She researched extensively available toys, books, and other educational products and found, to her dismay, that many of the things needed for Ella simply did not exist. This meant Dr. Kinder would spend hours, days, weeks creating what Ella needed to give her the best chance at thriving, and not just surviving.

At first, the products Dr. Kinder developed were just for Ella - and Ella did well, staying on-track developmentally and often ahead of suggested guidelines. When Ella’s twin brothers were born, Dr. Kinder used the same educational tools to teach them, again with success. With her knowledge of early brain development, she realized these products were needed by ALL children, as birth to age five is the best time for children to learn.

Dr. Kinder vowed to make life easier for other new parents by developing products that make teaching their child fun and convenient; parents can teach during their normal daily routine without having to find non-existent extra time.

Though she cannot guarantee the same results for all children with Down syndrome, the educational products Dr. Kinder developed worked extremely well for her daughter. Ella was able to read at 19 months and has kept on track developmentally, even starting kindergarten a whole year early. The ENK® Early Childhood Education products can be used not only for children with Down syndrome and other Special Needs, but for any child. These early childhood education products allow for making the most of every opportunity to teach your child - from mealtime to nap time to even riding in the car. The current collection of educational products available on this website is constantly being expanded and updated, so please check back often.

View these products here: Down syndrome products and Teaching Baby products.

Exercise Right Now™ and Fitness Products for Busy Parents

Exercise Right Now™ and Fitness Products. Get fit without adding extra time into your day to go to the gym by using every day moments to exercise: while standing in line, while working in your office, even while waiting at a red light!Dr. Kinder developed the concept of "Are You Exercising Right Now?" 15 years ago to help recover from an injury. After tearing several shoulder muscles, she needed to practice rehabilitation and strength training exercises - but working full-time, she found it impossible to find extra time in her day for exercise.

With her medical training, she knew every bit of exercise counted, and that she didn’t have to set aside large chunks of time. And so she started exercising every chance she had - between patients, while getting gas or folding clothes, and even when brushing her teeth. She not only got stronger, but noticed an increase in energy, her moods improved, and she had less "brain-fog." She shared these techniques with patients and friends who were excited it could be so easy to get into shape - without hours at the gym.

The only pitfall she discovered, as with any exercise routine, was that if unexpected things popped up in her schedule, she would forget to exercise that day. When life got really crazy, a few days of missed exercise could turn into a week. That’s when she started developing exercise reminders to keep in the car, at work, and on the microwave to get her back into the habit of exercising at every opportunity.

When Dr. Kinder began developing her exercise ideas into products, she did so with busy parents in mind, as she worked full-time, had a child with Down syndrome, and newborn twin boys! The Exercise Right Now™ exercises can be done anytime, anywhere (she purposefully created exercises she could do while grocery shopping without anyone knowing - no, you won’t be embarrassed to do them!), and by anyone of any fitness level. As you read this, you could have been "Exercising Right Now," too!

View these products here: Exercise Right Now™ and Fitness Products.