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Lecture Series

Dr. Kinder’s Right Now series harnesses the power of living your greatest life Right Now. The present time is the only time we actually have and Dr. Kinder will educate you and your audience on how to make the most of your Right Now. Whether it’s early childhood education, Down syndrome, health and wellness, or motivation, Dr. Kinder’s Right Now series is fully customizable to your audience. Through her own personal life experiences and daily life, Dr. Kinder is able to share her best practices on living to your fullest, Right Now.


Corporate/Employee Wellness

Are You Motivating Your Workforce, Right Now?

One of the most important attributes of a successful organization is a motivated workforce.  Regardless of the size of your employee base, this task can be daunting and is frequently overlooked.  Learn budget-neutral opportunities to create a positive corporate culture that extends your customer base.  Start reaping the benefits, Right Now!

Are You Getting Fit at Work, Right Now?

Who has time to exercise after work? You want to have more energy, get fit, and eat healthy.  You want to break bad habits. But the majority of your time is spent at work.  Learn how to achieve your goals during your work day while improving your work performance!


Are You Living the Life You Want, Right Now?

Are you the person you want to be? Do you even take the time to think about it? Define who you are. Forget the past and start focusing on where you want to go. Overcome major life obstacles. Incorporate the things you really want into your day. Become the new you.


Are You Exercising, Right Now?

You don’t need huge blocks of time to exercise. Start implementing exercise and fitness into your daily routine.

Are You Eating Healthy, Right Now?

We can’t change past choices about our health. Constructing a whole new plan for our future fitness seems overwhelming. We want to be energetic and look great Right Now! Use the present, which is the only time we really have, to shape your future and your physique!

Are You Stretching, Right Now?

Stretching is an easy way to increase energy and feel great, but it is usually overlooked in our schedule. You will learn how to incorporate stretching into your day by learning how to stretch while you attend this lecture! And no one will know what you are doing!

Teaching Baby

Are You Teaching Your Baby Right Now?

Your baby wants to learn and is capable of learning vast amounts of information.  Studies have shown that development in the first year of a baby’s life is directly correlated with IQ, and that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by the age of 5! Don’t miss this critical period in development to teach your child! Learn how to easily incorporate teaching into your daily routine and make learning fun for the whole family.

Down Syndrome

Down syndrome: Go from surviving to thriving.

I once called a stranger and begged her to adopt my newborn. That may have been rock bottom; it’s hard to think you can fall any lower when it comes to handling your child’s needs. I didn’t know how to accept the news that my daughter had Down syndrome. So I didn’t.

In 2004, I was wheeled out of the hospital with a tiny baby in my arms and the weight of an extra chromosome on my shoulders. And not so much as a pamphlet in my hand to help me sort through the crushing avalanche of questions and doubt.

Reshaping misperceptions, erasing preconceived limitations and igniting a passion for powerful living – Right Now.

I spent weeks mourning the child I’d dreamed of during my pregnancy (and thought I didn’t get). My original expectations were replaced with a long list of questions, doubts and fears.  It took awhile for the logical part of my brain to overcome the emotional part, to make the decision to do whatever I needed to do – to go beyond surviving, to thriving.

Join the Thrivalist tribe today.

But here’s the good news: That light at the end of tunnel you’ve been desperately squinting for? It’s coming. Because you are not in this alone. Become part of the Thrival tribe Right Now to begin connecting, sharing, laughing, learning and thriving – together.