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The Right Now! exercises are so easy and can be incorporated while doing housework, talking on the phone or just waiting in the grocery line. There is such a variety and the exercises make you feel more energetic even though they are so simple to do.

Mary G.

I have had the opportunity to try the exercise flash cards and really like them. I can actually do a work-out when waiting for the sink to fill to wash dishes!

Special Needs and Early Childhood Advocate

Dr. Julie A. Ray, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education, Southeast Missouri State University

I have had the good fortune to collaborate with Dr. Pewitt-Kinder on writing for both a journal article and a textbook. Her knowledge about Down Syndrome and the world of early childhood special education is exceptional, and she is able to write in both a scholarly and reader-friendly manner. Her attention to detail, word choice, and personal stories ensure a high quality written document that will captivate the reader.

Nancy Hale, Education Solutions Consulting

As the grantee for Missouri First Steps Early Intervention Program, Dr. Kinder is our resource for correct and current information regarding Down syndrome. She is very knowledgeable on children’s medical issues and shares information in a manner that everyone can easily understand. Dr. Kinder is an invaluable resource.


Joyce Clark, RNC, BSN

I really enjoyed your presentation on Down syndrome. It has changed my practice. I especially remember how you demonstrated the correct way to hold an infant who has Down syndrome. I incorrectly held these babies on my hip until you showed us the proper way to protect their joints. I have referred several parents to you so they can benefit from your knowledge and experience.